DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Throw the Rascals Out...

I have one more reason to hate Bush, et al., tonight. On any other election night, I would've voted to reelect Lincoln Chafee as Senator, given that he seems to agree with me on every single political position I have. The problem is, though, that he's a Republican, and despite the fact that he was one of the few senators that didn't vote for the war, and that he's consistently opposed the President since, returning him to office would help keep the more odious Republicans in control of the Senate. So, I chucked my principles down the toilet, and voted for the empty suit who had "Democrat" listed under his name.

I got to vote for a Democrat for Governor for the first time in, like fifteen years, now that the Dems finally gave up trotting moronic Myrth York out every four years. Independent that I am, I did vote for a couple of Republicans in the AG and Secy of State races, but it looks like they're getting trounced in a Democratic landslide. (Not that Rhody wasn't already the bluest of blue states, but this year it looks like it's going all the way to ultraviolet.) Meanwhile, it looks like Harrah's won't get their name in the state constitution after all, as the casino referendum got beaten. Again. I wonder how many weeks it'll be before they try to get another referendum on the ballot.

Veronica Mars was disappointing yet again. I lost interest in Veronica and Logan last season, but I kept watching for Keith and Weevil and Wallace. Tonight, though, Keith, WTF?!? I don't care if it is my seekrit GF, Laura San Giacomo. Nice guys don't push marriages over the edge. Putz. Also, Hearst is run like no college I've ever seen, but I do like the dean.
Tags: annoyances, pillocks, politics, television

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