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The Hole Thing

Drilled nine hundred four (904!) evenly spaced ¼" holes today. That's fifty-six holes per row, two rows per bookcase side, times two sides per bookcase, times four bookcases yields eight hundred ninety-six holes, plus the eight additional holes I put into the top of one case because I wasn't playing as close attention as I should have. No harm done, really. The jig I bought makes this fairly simple to do properly, but it is still very tedious. It took about three hours, and two full battery charges for the drill all told, and when I was done, my right arm and shoulder were sore from all the repetitive motion with the drill. I had hoped to get started on the header and footer boxes, but I was tired and sore, so they'll have to wait.

Meanwhile, I'm reading a paper that Nutty wrote on crisis points in children's literature, which while interesting, is slower going than I expected. Part of it is that I'm making notes and looking up unfamiliar terms, but the main thing is that I haven't read a single book that she's talked about so far, and I find myself trying to think of examples of books that I have read that fit the cases she presents. The problem is that thinking about the other books tends to pull my mind away from what she's actually talking about, so that every so often I have to go back and reorient myself to the subject. Still, it's all good, because it's got me thinking about stuff that I don't usually think about.

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