DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

So, I Went Insane...

I blame the fact that it was a lovely sunny day. Somehow I found some reserve of get up and go, got tons accomplished. Went shopping for supplies first. I got some primer to continue work on project door, along with some socks to replace the ones I accidently dyed pink last weekend, a couple of shirts, some silicone caulk, a few other hardware type things, and the latest issue of Fine Woodworking. First up was down in the basement, where I've been in the process of drying things out yet again after Wednesday's heavy rain. Mostly that involved turning up the carpet, and installing a switch for the fluorescent light I put in a while back in that corner. After that it was outside, where the temperature was in the sixties, perfect caulking weather. The tops of the casings for all the first floor windows got the treatment, as well as the side door. I considered taking a look on the roof of the little cantilever section that leaked in the big storm, but it's a little high and awkward to get at.

I continued the insanity by planting some bulbs. I put them in at the junction where the walkway to the side door and the driveway meet, so I'll actually get to enjoy them from time to time. (The rest of the bulbs are on the other side of the house, where there are no windows and I rarely walk.) I also decided that my foot was feeling a bit better, so I did something I'd put off for weeks, the final lawn mowing of the season. As I mowed, in the middle of my front yard I found a still wrapped Nestles Crunch Bar, exactly like the ones I'd handed out to trick-or-treaters. So sad. Some kid lost his treat. Well, unless the kid is like my weird little nephew who claims to hate chocolate. Anyway, once the height of the grass was reduced to something manageable, I let the mower run through the last of the gas in its tank, and put it away for the winter.

Then I showered, and collapsed in a heap. Okay, not entirely. I made some really good sauerbraten, and now I'm eating it whilst watching the Grinch on TBS (which seems awfully early to me). Oh, his heart just grew three sizes. Get the green guy some nitroglycerin tabs, stat!
Tags: food, house, weather, yard

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