DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Hope and Despair...

At lunch I sat in the truck, parked in the usual place down by the airport. Not much going on there today. It's clear and sunny, but it's also cold and very blustery (enough so that the NW wind was rocking the truck), so the general aviation pilots seem to have taken the day off.

As I sat there reading, I kept noticing little flashes of... something in my peripheral vision, so I finally put the book down, and started looking around to see what it was. There was nothing moving on the runways, nor were there any boats on the bay beyond. Finally I saw it. It was the waves being driven by the wind up onto the rocks of Hope Island, a little piece of land out about a mile and a half out in the bay. From where I sat, you could see these little geysers of white spray erupting every few seconds all along the dark brown of the shoreline. Pretty neat. Given that I could see them from a mile and a half away, I imagine it must be quite spectacular seen from the island itself, but I doubt anyone is out there to see.

I am further amused to learn that the small pile of rocks just off the shore of Hope is named Despair Island.
Tags: geography, rhodianna, weather

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