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I got another valentine today, this one from Laura. (Thanks, Laura!) That brings my total for the year to two. (Thanks, msbelle!) That doesn't sound like much until you understand that the total number of valentines I've gotten in the last twenty years now stands at two. The only thing even remotely resembling a valentine I'd gotten in all in that time was the year a friend broke up with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, and I wound up with most of the cookies she had baked for him.

It's weird, but this made me insanely happy. I'm usually a curmudgeon about Valentine's Day, because it's just another reminder that I don't have anyone in my life, and haven't for quite awhile. Plus, I find it bothersome that some people place so much importance on it and what their SO's do for them to celebrate, as though the day is the major indicator of the state of the relationship. The ex wasn't quite that bad, but a present was definitely expected. Me, I kept telling her it was just a Hallmark holiday. (Oops...)

This was just nice, receiving greetings from two friends who thoughtfully took the time to let me know that they like me. I appreciated it greatly.

This weekend is going to be a busy one, with much driving despite the insane gas prices. It looks I'll be up in Massachusetts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday some of the Somervillains are getting together to not celebrate Valentine's day, Saturday I'm planning on going to Boskone, and Sunday is brunch at vw's.

Since I'm not going to get a chance to work on the bookcases this weekend, I spent a couple of hours each night this week working on them. I did the final trim on each of the sides. Then I started working on the header and footer cases. After I cut the planks for the sides from the two sheets of plywood, I had a 9¼" board left from each sheet. I set up a stop block on the radial arm saw, and cut four boards to equal lengths of 29½" from the leftover planks. Each board will yield the front and back faces for the header and footer of one case. Again using stop blocks to ensure that the cuts were all identical, I cut ¾" rabbets on each end, and a ¾" dado in the middle of each board using a stacked dado blade set. The dadoes and rabbets will mate with the cross pieces for each header and footer case. Once those were cut, I set the rip fence on the table saw to the correct width, and ripped the boards into the individual pieces for the cases. At the same time, I ripped the remaining plywood into strips of the proper width for the cross pieces, that I then cut to length (again with a stop block) on the radial arm saw. All of this ensures that each of the header and footer boxes will be exactly the same length, width, and depth as every other header or footer. Now they just have to be assembled.

The only thing I have to say about last night's Angel is that I'm still trying to decide whether the whole thing with Cordy is HSQ or WTF.

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