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This should be interesting. The only journalish type things I've ever kept are my biking log books, and the Access based journal I created primarily to track my progress on home improvement activities. I stopped using the Access journal after I accidently trashed the most up-to-date copy of it last July, plus I still hadn't come up with a very elegant way to add photos to the entries. Still, I liked it.

I just this week realized that I hadn't updated my bike log since last July, either, although I have been keeping up with the Excel spreadsheet of mileage and times, so I can at least put in bare-bones entries into the book. The logs are plain old composition books that list every ride I've taken since 1993. Mostly, the entries are just the route taken, the mileage ridden, the time it took, and the weather, with occasional maintenance notes and such. Really pretty boring. Later I created the Excel sheet to figure out total mileage and average speed, which is itself a little mini-log.

So, the last entry in the log book is July 31. According to the spreadsheet, there were five more rides in 2001, for 53.6 miles, which is pathetic. The last ride (28 mi) was the ride on the East Bay Path with Rick, Chris, Dale, et al., on 9/8. Then nothing until we had those gorgeous weekends in February and early March. Got in five rides before I went down to New Orleans for PittCon. I was also walking a lot on the weeknights. After I got back from NOLA, I stopped doing either.

Until this week, that is. I rode on Monday, Tuesday, and tonight, 31 miles total. Monday the weather was gorgeous, blue skies, 70's, light breeze. I was surprised because I felt pretty strong, considering I hadn't done any kind of exercise except for yardwork since March. Tuesday was 80's, hazy, and humid, with a pretty stiff wind. My legs were pretty tired from the day before. Tonight was 60's, gray, with almost no wind. The legs weren't tired. If I can keep this up, I could actually do myself some good for a change. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and I'm probably going to head up to Somerville anyway, so I won't be riding again until Saturday. We'll see.
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