DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Sailor Take Warning...

'Twas ominous this morning, as dawn broke o'er the evil thicket...

Red Sky in the Morning
Red Sky in the Morning
Red Sky in the Morning

Sadly, only the first shot is particularly sharp, but these are more about color than anything. Still, I need to work on my keeping-the-camera-still-while-shooting skills.

This is all germane as I finished Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman last night, and woke up to find the very sky outside my window that they described as being attached to the end of the world. Sweet! It's a funny book as one would expect, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Still, seeing the sky that red this morning was a bit disconcerting. It's fine now, though, as a boring blanket of battleship gray has moved in to replace it.
Tags: books, photography, pratchett, weather

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