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Strange Days Indeed

The Phoenix is down, apparently due to a server overload. Idle speculation is that it might have something to do with someone helpfully posting a link to a post regarding the future of Buffy in one of the threads. Sigh...

In other news, I shaved off my beard and mustache this morning. Now my face feels strange, and I don't really recognize the person I see in the mirror. How odd. The last time I went beardless was maybe about eight years ago, and the last time I had no mustache was 1984.

Went to Sandi and Blake's last night for a game night. Lots of fun until I tried to leave. Their driveway is almost a thousand feet long through the woods, and with all the snow, there was no way to turn around. So I managed to get stuck bad trying to back out. Fortunately, Blake was able to pull my car back onto the driveway so I could try again. I miss four-wheel drive.

This morning it's off to NJ for me.

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