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So, the weekend. Didn't do anything other than my best impression of a turnip. This involved sitting in front of the computer playing crappy games, and watching the Dodgers take two of three from the Padres. I had hoped to go for at least one ride, but the weather was chilly and wet. So it goes.

Today was bright and sunny, but by this evening it was far to windy to ride, so I finally did some of the yard work I've been avoiding. To my utter amazement the lawnmower, which had sat dormant since October, started on the second try. Despite the blusteriness, it was really quite a pleasant evening for a mow. Now I am tired, and the plan for the rest of the evening is to stretch out on the couch, watch Heroes, and fall asleep in place.

I was surprised to see busloads of school kids down at the airport at lunch time. Turns out one of NOAA's atmospheric research aircraft, a P-3 Orion hurricane hunter, was sitting on the tarmac for school tours. Aviation, yay!

In programming news, I managed to successfully complete my first little bit of C# coding today. Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. We launched a snazzy new .net based website in January, about a week after we fired the outside developers for being mutton-headed boobs (and bad spellers). The marketing manager, who was supposed to be overseeing the project, decided to seek other employment opportunities shortly thereafter. We hired a consultant to handle all the back-end fixes that needed to be done, whilst I spent my time changing the text color in eleventy zillion style sheets from light grey to black, and otherwise tweaking what I could in the html. Up until recently I couldn't do much more because I didn't know how.

.Net takes some getting used to. Rather than the site's pages being programmed through scripting in the pages themselves, the programming occurs in separate files that are then compiled prior to being published. For some reason the scripting language of choice appears to be C#, rather than anything I'd ever used before (you know, something simple), so now I have to learn how to program in yet another language. Today was my first baby step in that process, finally fixing something I'd complained to the original developer about several times to no avail. I gotta say, it was a lot easier and less complicated when I did the exact same tweak in VBScript on the old site. Anyway, go me!
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