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Weird weekend weather. Yesterday was cool, but still fairly nice. I did some outdoor chores, mainly hacking apart a gas grill three years dead into manageable hunks for disposal, and went for a ride. Then it got cold and really windy with some rain overnight. Today was a mixed bag: a little rain, a little clouds, a little sunshine, but all of it cold.

When the sun finally came out for good, I glanced out the front window, and noticed the world's biggest bumblebee buzzing about the rhododendron blossoms just outside the window. Then I realized it was no bee, but a hummingbird, something I'd never seen before in real life. Neat! But still weird.

It occurs to me that the seventh anniversary of moving into this house is coming up this week. Seems like yesterday. Actually, Sometimes it seems like grad school was just the day before that.
Tags: weather, weirdness, yard

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