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Am tired.

Summer appears to be upon us. It was in the low eighties yesterday, but not particularly humid. The humidity rolled in overnight. Today was muggier, but still not excessively hot. I swapped in the screen for the front storm door, and rigged up a screen for the bedroom. (The reason it needed to be rigged is because it's supposed to be held in place by some spring-loaded pegs that tend to sproing out into the grass when the screen is moved at all, never to be seen again. Worse, the Depot doesn't carry replacement parts. Feh.) The Bradford pear's blossoms have mostly blown away. There are still a few blossoms on the rhododendrons and forsythia, but not for long. OTOH, the little bulb patch I planted at the top of the driveway seems about a month behind the main bed, and is just now fully coming into bloom, so there are still tulips and daffodils.

Rode tonight, and started extending out a little bit more than I had been doing. I seem to be settling into a routine, which is good.
Tags: biking, house, weather, yard

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