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Meme Me

A meme from Lysana, by way of Teppy and Orthoepy.

1. Are there any classes of food you won't eat?

Seafood, bugs, fungus... I'm a pretty finicky eater.

2. Are there any whole genres of TV you won't watch?

Reality shows, soaps, wrestling...

3. What colors will you never wear?


4. Music styles?

Rap is just noise to me. I don't care much for most country music, either, but there are exceptions.

5. Actors whose movies you refuse to see on principle.

None that I can think of. I really don't understand how people can get such a hate on for an actor that they'd refuse to see a movie they're in, but I'm fairly easygoing.

6. Categories of film that you avoid like the plague.

Horror, slasher flicks...

7. Types of cuisine you won't eat.

As long as I can get some kind of meat without a lot of veggies, I'll try it.

8. Breeds of dog or cat you would never own.

Dustmop dogs, terriers, most cats...

9. Household chore you hate enough to offload on the innocent and unsuspecting.

Washing the dishes.

10. Most hated sport, either to play or to watch.

To play - football. I just don't have the right skill set, so I never enjoy it. Plus, I hate getting hit.

To watch - figure skating, which I loathe with the intensity of a thousand suns. Unless it's Katerina Witt...

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