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Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet...

Hot, hazy, and humid—summer has fully arrived. I had a lousy night of sleep. It was just too hot, and the fan was making too much noise. Need to think about hauling out the A/C today. I almost hate to do it this early. I didn't have to until mid-July last year.

I celebrated the start of a much needed vacation by driving down to Norwich last night to watch AA baseball, the Trenton Thunder at the Connecticut Defenders. (I'm not even going to get into what moron thought Connecticut Defenders would be a better name than Norwich Navigators, which is what the franchise used to be called. Oh, wait. I did.) Getting there wasn't half the fun. I figured it would take a little less than an hour, which would make it tight for a 6:35 game time given that I didn't get home from work until 5:30. I did not figure on either the Memorial Day traffic on the back roads of Rhode Island and Connecticut, nor the ridiculous traffic getting into the stadium. I mean, how often have you found yourself stuck behind a long line of cars on a country road because a motorcycle is putzing along at 10 mph below the limit. The game was well underway by the time I got to my seat. Bozhe moi!

Anyway, I watched some baseball between two teams I care nothing about. There's more on that over at Baseball Ex Machina. I also had hot dogs. In truth, most of this was an exercise to see if I could attend a ballgame whilst avoiding some still painful associations. Mostly, I did, mostly because I was mostly bored when I wasn't being annoyed by the middle schoolers I found myself seated amongst. So it goes.

I didn't have any apple pie at the ballpark, but I did stop on the way home and pick up some apple turnovers for breakfast.

As for the Chevy, I made the final payment on my truck a couple weeks ago, so now it's all mine. Hard to believe I had it for almost five years now. I hit 70,000 miles on it on the way to the game last night. Watching the odometer isn't nearly as much fun now as it used to be. The digital odometer in the truck has no tenths digit, and it doesn't roll at all, so there is no rollover as on an analog meter.
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