DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Memorial Day...

It turned out to be quite a nice weekend. Saturday's heat disappeared overnight, and yesterday was terrific. Not that I did anything much apart from house cleaning. Today was sort of in between. warm and humid, but the sun spent a lot of time behind clouds. I took the bike over to the base and rode all over it, especially along the abandoned roads and trails at the north end. It was sort of like the Memorial Days I used to spend hiking through the woods up at the farm. I saw an enormous wild turkey. OTOH, as more of the old Navy buildings up there have been torn down and the land beneath them remediated, it's becoming less interesting in terms of the sense of history of the place. I did find ways around a couple of the "Keep Out" fences, so that added a bit to the spice of the ride. I was dead tired at the end. 16+ miles, about half of that over less than smooth terrain.

Once I got home I made a late lunch, then showered and took a nap. Now I'm achy, and have just a hint of a sunburn, so my skin is all tingly (forearms and face, anyway).

I've been lucky. I have no one specific to remember on Memorial Day. Nobody in my family, and none of my friends have ever died in a war. Even so, I make it a point to visit the Wall whenever I'm in DC, just to reflect on how lucky I was (a draft lottery number of 333). There are seven people with my last name memorialized there, which is an awfully sobering thought.
Tags: biking, reminiscence, weather

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