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More Books...

I've actually been reading quite a bit, I just haven't been writing it down.

Preludes and Nocturnes -- Neil Gaiman
The Doll's House -- Neil Gaiman
Dream Country -- Neil Gaiman

This is the second time I've tried Gaiman's Sandman series of graphic novels, and although I got further this time, I'm still not as impressed as a lot of folks seem to be. I like Gaiman's novels, but these leave me sort of flat.


Deadly Quicksilver Lies -- Glen Cook
Petty Pewter Gods -- Glen Cook
Faded Steel Heat -- Glen Cook

Awhile back I bought the entire Garrett series collected in omnibus editions from the SF Bookclub. These three novels are in one of them, and since they are set within a few days of each other, I found it sort of helps to read the three in one go. The context resulted in me even sort of liking Gods this time around, previously my least favorite of all the Garretts. Lies is the best of the three, a very good mystery emphasizing the Garrett and Dotes team. Steel has it's moments, but is a bit contrived. One thing that occurred to me while reading these is that while Cook draws a lot of his inspiration from the Nero Wolfe books, upon reflection, Morley Dotes is a dead ringer for Hawk from the Spencer books. "Spen-sah!"


Small Gods -- Terry Pratchett

One of my accidental Pratchetts, this one is just flat out charming, about a young man with a special talent, and the very special tortoise that befriends him. I liked it a lot.
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