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The Weekend

It rained all day Saturday, but it was a beautiful day yesterday. Was woken just before 5 a.m. by a wicked leg cramp and the birds chattering away in the evil thicket, and couldn't get back to sleep. Stupid leg. Stupid, disgusting, lice-ridden birds. I did 21 miles on the bike path in the morning. Towards the end the breeze picked up, throwing pollen grains into my eyes again, but I persevered.

I did some actual home improvement work this weekend, prepping the broom closet door for painting, and then laying down two coats of primer on one side, and one on the other. Tonight I should be able to finish the second coat of primer, and perhaps put the first coat of finish color on the primed side. It's about time I got around to this, considering I took this particular door of its hinges and hauled it down to the basement last December. I want to get this done before Al and D come up for the air show on the 23rd. I need to do some cleaning, too.

The leg cramp was the latest in a recent string that are a bit worrisome. I've had the usual back of the leg type cramps on and off for years, but not for some time. Over the last few months I've started getting some that are different from what I'm used to, located in a different muscle group. It's the muscle that runs along the outside of my lower left leg and then down across the sole of my foot that's cramping. When it cramps up, I get a hard knot about midway up the leg, and the underside of my foot joins in the chorus of sensation. Fortunately, unlike my normal leg cramps, bending the knee doesn't increase the effect, so I can reach down and massage the knot until it goes away. The thing that worries me is that it's only my left leg and foot (so far), the same foot on which my fasciitis has been bothersome lately. The muscle is perpendicular to, and overlaps, the fascia, so there's probably a connection. Feh.
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