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Waiting for the FedEx Man...

I have my new, improved bike back, though it was a near thing. When I dropped it off Saturday, the guy at the shop said he couldn't do the shifter swap then, but he'd be working Monday and even Sunday, so no problem picking it up Monday evening. Except I had to work late Monday, so I didn't make it down there until last night. And... it wasn't ready. He'd stashed the bike off in a corner and forgotten about it. Not only that, he'd forgotten why I'd left it. Have I mentioned the guy has the attention span of a three-year old? It was okay. He kept the shop open an extra half hour while he swapped in the quick-shifters. Of course the set of nine-speed shifters he'd thought he had in stock were nowhere to be found, but since the Widowmaker had nine-speed quick-shifters, he was able to swap those in for the twist-shifters on the new bike. So the change wound up costing me nothing, since I already owned the parts and he didn't charge me any labor. He also mentioned that he'd already had a serious nibble on the Widowmaker, so that was good news. I hope the nibbler likes twist-shifts.

Keeping the shop open late worked out for him, too. While I was there, a man came in with his two really cute kids, and bought his son a $140 bike that the kid will grow out of in about six months. To lessen the sting a bit, the bike shop owner offered to buy the bike back for half when the kid grows out of it as long as it was still in decent shape, which sounded like a good deal to me.

I really do like the shop, absent-minded owner not withstanding, but I do wonder how long this guy can stay in business. Unlike most of the other shops around, he really doesn't cater much to general, walk-in business. It's a small, very cluttered shop, and he doesn't keep much in the way new inventory, and accessories are scattered hither and yon. It reminds me of my office, actually. One reason he was eager to take in the Widowmaker on consignment is that it still looks new. OTOH, I'm sure he does a lot of business with folks who need to customize their bikes, like me. I just hope that's enough to keep him in business.

The other local news is that it's airshow week, and the planes have begun to drift in. There's been a stunt biplane flying about since Monday, and I heard the sound of a high-performance jet engine today. The Blue Angels are doing the show this year, but I haven't seen or heard them yet.
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