DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Reading, not Riding...

Thunderstorms have rolled through my neck of the woods the last couple of days, so no biking. I did get a mirror for the bike, something I'd been missing. It's the same type as the one on the Univega, except this one still has the adapter for smaller diameter handlebars that had also come with the original but that I had long since thrown out in one of my rare forays into getting rid of stuff I'll never, ever use again. That'll teach me. The bikeshop doesn't carry this brand so I ordered it from one of Amazon's merchants Monday, and it was in my mailbox yesterday, an astonishingly quick turnaround.

I just finished David Drake's The Way to Glory while waiting for Dodgers-Mets to start in LA. It's another in the Leary-Mundy series, Drake's homage to Aubrey and Maturin, and it's the best of the four I've read so far. It still suffers from having one of the worst interstellar travel systems ever devised, but it's kept more in the background this time out, so it didn't bug me nearly as much. The SG1-like anthropology does still bug, but it was only the one planet this time around. Didn't matter. The plot kept moving, and I kept reading. I liked Daniel in this one more than I have in the past. He seemed smarter in this book, with somewhat less of his fratboy persona. Adele is much the same dour librarian turned naval officer/spy as always, but she does seem to be lightening up some. Good fun all around.

I've been tempted to download HP7, just for the fun of tweaking Scholastic, et al., but I probably won't. I'm in no hurry. The paperback will come out next summer, and that will be fine. I suppose I'll be spoiled by then. Of course, if I download it, I can spoil myself...
Tags: biking, books, rcn

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