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Did go out and do yard work, to wit, trimming the hedge and other much overgrown shrubs in front of and on one side of the house. Spent much time holding the trimmer at shoulder height or above. In the warm sun. Now my arms are sore and I am very tired. And I still have one side to go. I didn't do that side partly because of the tired, but also because I really ought to remove the shrub directly in front of the spot where all the wires enter the house. I know it was put there to hide the wires, but it's gotten way to big, and is now home to some climbing weeds that keep trying to crawl up the wires.

Actually, I probably ought to hire someone to come in and remove all the shrubs next to the house, because they've all gotten pretty unmanagable. They were already too big when I moved in, thanks to years of neglect, and are all too close to the building itself. It's a pity. The two small-leaf rhododendrons are gorgeous in the spring. OTOH, I wouldn't miss the two junipers at all.
Tags: yard

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