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Tour de Slocum...

As Barry Bonds continues his inexorable march towards 756 home runs, I continue my own quest towards a lofty, albeit much more obscure goal—580 miles.

I've been logging my bike rides since 1993, which coincides with the purchase of the Vetta C-10 bike computer I still use on the Univega. It was also the first year since grad school that I'd really ridden a lot. (I wonder how much of a correlation there was between getting the computer and riding more. Having a way to quantify and track your progress can be a powerful incentive sometimes.)

Rides - 7/26/07Anyway, 1993 was by far the best year I've had in terms of both number of rides and total distance since I started tracking this stuff. 48 rides and 579.1 miles altogether. Not so much compared to what some of the buff folk who speed by me wearing spandex and pants with gel packs sewn into the seat will do in a season, but a lot for me. If you look at the chart, you can see that I haven't even broken 500 miles since.

This year has been different, though. It helped that May was really quite nice this year for a change, and that we've had a pretty dry summer. The new bike provided some added impetus to get out and ride, plus the fact that I've basically chucked my entire social life has provided many more free evenings to indulge the habit. I managed to get in a groove and mostly stay there. So far this week I did 20 miles Tuesday and 16 this evening, which brings me to 418 on the year. Right now I'm averaging about 50+ miles a week, so at that rate, and barring misfortune, I should hit 580 in another month or so.

1993 was a pretty interesting year for me in terms of riding. Most of the miles were ridden on a cheap Taiwanese road bike that I got as a gift with the purchase of a boom box. (I bought the Univega in October of that year.) The remarkable thing is that I also got off to a very late start. Most of the mileage was accumulated in August and September. Most of the rides were relatively short, only 11 or 12 miles or so, but I sure made a lot of them. This year, it's July 26, and I've got 418 miles under my belt. On the same date in '93 I had only 84. I like my chances.

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