DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Waiting for the Storm

It is very warm and humid outside, but I am inside basking in A/C. Am also very tired because I have biked four out of the last five days (and mowed the lawn the remaining day). Also tired because I always seem to wake up way earlier on weekends than I do when I have the alarm set. Stoopid brain.

I hadn't expected to be able to ride either yesterday or today because the incompetents who run all the assorted weather sites keep telling me that there will be thundershowers all weekend. They haven't been right so far, but I keep riding figuring I might not get a chance tomorrow and the day after. Lather, rinse, repeat, and I am one pooped Machina. Stoopid weathercritters.

I did some errands and shopping out in the external sauna this morning. Am very disappointed in Bed Bath & Beyond. They keep sending me 20% off coupons, and their website claims to have exactly what I need, so I paid them a visit for, like, the second time ever. Apparently the one thing I wanted is beyond their inventory. They didn't have any of them. Stoopid store.

Now bed...
Tags: annoyances, biking, weather

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