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Mad Dogs and Machinas...

Damn, it was hot today.

Went out with friends last night. We went to a new Mexican place in Warwick, a chain restaurant. There's never been much in the way of Mexican food in Rhody except for Mr. Taco, which is terrific, but can be annoying to get to because it's in beautiful downtown Arctic. Lately, though, Mexican chains have been springing up like toadstools practically everywhere one might stick an Applebee's. There's Chipotle Grill, Cilantro Grill, and the one we went to, On the Border (such original names). I wanted to go to Mr. Taco, but got outvoted because of the navigation factor. When I heard the name of the place we were going to, for a moment I figured it'd be okay, because I confused it with the place in Cambridge I occasionally used to eat with the Somervillains at, which is pretty good, too. Then I remembered that was the Border Cafe, different chain, similar name, much better menu. On the Border, OTOH, offers a selection of semipronounceable trademarked specialties, such as Ranchilladas™ and Bordurittos™, along with Indifferent Service™ and Expensive Drinks™. They do have some standard Mexican™ items, mostly as part of their build-your-own combination dinner, but they are in really small print, marginalized no doubt because they can't be trademarked. I had the Ranchilladas™. Sigh.

My brain, recognizing that it's the weekend, woke me up at 5 this morning. I did my usual Saturday morning routine. Made coffee, and watched last night's Dodger game. I'm not sure why, but for the last couple of months MLB has been letting me watch (not just listen to) all of its archived games. Weird, because I've only paid for Gameday Audio. For live games, the site restricts me to what I paid for, but once a game is archived, the system doesn't even require me to log in like it used to. That's perfect for an east coast boy who can't stay awake for the 10:40 EDT start time for the live feed anyway. As long as I don't spoil myself, it might as well be live. I get Vin Scully for the whole game instead of just the first three innings. Can't beat that.

After the game (LA lost, 1-0) I headed out into the ridiculous heat (mid 90's) and humidity to run some errands. After that I hunkered down with the A/C. Even managed a siesta, but that just left me groggy.

I woke up again at 5, p.m. this time, and went for a ride. The heat had dialed back some, and the breeze picked up, so it wasn't all that bad an evening for it. There were only a handful of folks on the path. Even the death-bunnies were off doing whatever bunnies do to keep cool. I kept it short (10 mi) because I plan on taking a long ride tomorrow, when it's supposed to be cooler and less humid. I might have skipped entirely if I hadn't skipped last night to go out.

ARod hit number 500 today, a day late and a dollar short...
Tags: baseball, biking, food, weather

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