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One Down

There is a bookcase standing up in my living room, and it's a beautiful thing. The beadboard I used for the back panel looks great, better even than I thought. It took longer than I expected to put together, but it's standing. I'm beat, because I spent the whole day going up and down stairs, carrying stuff up to the attic, running laundry down to the basement, bringing bookcase parts and tools up from the basement. Didn't take any pictures today, but I will for the next one, which I'm going to work on tomorrow night. I don't think I'll be able to get all four of them done before I leave for Orlando on Saturday, but maybe three.

Once I get some new pictures, I going to clean up the Casa Machina website. The newest version of Irfanview does a great job of creating pages of thumbnails and slide shows. Give me something to do while I'm ignoring my roomie down in Orlando.

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