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I am one tired machina. It was a gorgeous day, albeit quite windy. This morning I went to the post office, then headed for Agway to refill three propane tanks. Nothing like lugging tanks of propane around to get the old muscles goin'. Afterwards I headed down to Wakefield to do some errands. Came home, had lunch, then mowed the lawn and ran the new cordless electric string trimmer around. I'd picked this up to replace the gas trimmer I bought when I moved in. The problem with that one was that I didn't use it very often, so the gas and oil in it went stale and fouled the carburetor. I tried to get it tuned up, but the guy in town who works on lawn mowers doesn't work on smaller engines, and told me nobody else does, either. So I tried to fix it on my own. Bad idea. I managed to rip the fuel line out by accident. Yes, I really am a whiz when it comes to internal combution engines.

So I finished all that, took a shower, and then I decided that it was a really lovely evening, so I should go for a ride. That wind I spoke of? It was aligned perfectly with the bike path. Fourteen miles, with the wind pushing me along on the outward leg, then in my face all the way back. Biking into the wind is sort of like biking through taffy. At least the ride back is mostly downhill or level. Gets the wind and gravity velocity vectors to cancel each other out somewhat. Now I don't plan to move from this chair unless it's to crawl into bed.

But tomorrow is a new day, and I'm gonna try out the Washington Secondary Bike Path up north a bit. It runs through Coventry, West Warwick, and Cranston, possibly my three least favorite towns in Rhode Island. We shall see.
Tags: biking, tired, yard

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