Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
9:26 pm - Death Sheep?  
Took a ride past the art exhibit this evening. It was fun. Most of it is abstract, and there was one piece of mosaic/stained glass that I liked quite a bit. The only piece I didn't like is the mural they show in the article. It looked (to me) like one of the school art projects at the elementary school where I use to play volleyball. But then I know nothing about art, so who am I to criticize? At some point I'll bring a camera and post some pictures.

I kept on going to the far end of the path, and since it was late in the day, I was on the look out for death bunnies. Didn't see any. I did, however, come round a bend to see a sheep looking like she might have a go at me. Now this was not exactly farm country, so I was a tad surprised to see it, as well as the flock of goats that was hanging around behind it. They were, in fact, grazing in a cemetary. I just kept on going.

On the way back there was a shepherd with the flock, a young woman who looked to be of middle eastern extraction. I also noticed that there was a small barn and pen across the path from the cemetary, so I guess that's where they live. Huh.

I'm still not feeling a hundred percent. I didn't push it at all tonight until the last couple of miles, when this other cyclist and I started pacing each other. My lower back still hurts, and my upper back hurts when I turn my head to the right. Feh.