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Getting Reacquainted

Twenty-four miles tonight, bringing me to 101 miles for the week. I'm at 799.7 miles on the year. Had I realized, a couple of laps around the parking lot would've done the trick to 800.

I rode the Univega for the first time since June. I was curious as to how different it would feel now I've gotten used to another bike. First, it's easier on my wrists and hands, probably due to the different shapes and lengths of the bars. OTOH, my hands tend to get a bit numb on it after riding awhile, which doesn't happen on the Absolute. The shifters don't work quite as snappily, and require slightly larger finger motions to trigger them, but then they are fourteen years old and well used. It still climbs hills like a pig, even with a tailwind. Still, I found myself usually in one gear higher than I was using back in June, which says something about my leg strength I suppose. The rear derailleur is sticking a bit, so I should bring it to the bike shop at some point for a tune up. Also, the saddle needs to be looked at or my prostate will never be the same. (I actually knew this about the saddle, because it's the one I originally tried on the Absolute. When I discovered how uncomfortable it was, I swapped it with the older Schwinn saddle that had been on the Univega.)

One other thing that's changed is that the bike computer on the new bike has an auto-start timer. It only runs while the wheel is actually moving. Very handy. The timer on my old bike's computer has to be started and stopped manually. Naturally, I forgot all about pushing the button, and didn't remember until I hit the eighteen mile mark. I turned it on for the last six miles and extrapolated a rough estimate of the total time from there.

Saw a squirrel try to throw itself in front of another rider, but none came close to me. I also saw three deer, but they all had the good grace to duck back into the woods when they saw me approaching.

For dinner I made CI's pasta Caprese with a fresh tomato from the farmstand (after a lackluster start, they've really been terrific lately), some fresh mozzarella, and three kinds of pasta, with a little diced leftover steak added. Very tasty.

Tomorrow Blackstone Valley, I think.
Tags: biking, cooking

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