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I know this might be very bitchy indeed, but when did the Buffistas turn into the student union meeting from Hell? - Jim E-T quoting a lurker friend of his.

I've already had the flashbacks to my days in the Graduate Student Association at URI. Lessee, where do I start. The constitution got rewritten for reasons that I'm still unsure about. Lots of long pointless meetings about that. We tried to impeach the president one year because she was useless, but the process became so bogged down in minutia that everyone lost interest (imagine that), and she beat us. There was even a story about it in the frelling Providence Journal on the front page of the second section. The reporter called me at home. I was quoted. It was frelling embarrassing. We were a laughing stock, not just on campus, but in the whole frelling state. Then, they elected me president! (I ran on the more intramural sports for grad students ticket.) Then the faculty went on strike. More quotes in the paper. Got to meet the governor, too. Meanwhile, I was getting nothing done on my research, and my wife was deciding that she wasn't all that happy with the way her life was turning out. Good times...
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