DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Good News/Bad News

I managed to hustle the Absolute down to the bike shop before closing, and got two bits of good news. First, the problem with the bike turned out to be remarkably simple to fix. The links on a bicycle chain are connected with metal pins, all but one of which are inserted by machine and peined over. The last pin, the one that turns the length of chain into an endless loop, is inserted by hand, and isn't peined. That means it can occasinally get a little out of alignment, creating a kink in the chain. That kink was the cause of clicking and slippage I noticed. Bikeshop!guy said that in extreme cases the pin can even come completely out, leaving one chainless and walking in Manville. It took him less than a minute to fix it, using a special tool designed for the job. Way easier than I expected.

The other bit of good news is that the Silhouette was sold. Of course it turns out he sold it a month ago, and was waiting for me to come into the shop to tell me. I found out when I noticed it wasn't anywhere in the shop. Which is fine. I left it with him even knowing that he's a complete spaceshot because I didn't want to have to deal with selling it myself. I'm in no hurry for the dough, and he's taken real good care of me when I've come in for help.

Naturally, since this is my so-called life we're talking, there is also bad news. I'm stuffed up and my throat's getting scratchier by the minute. It's still summer. No way I should be getting a cold, but here I am sucking on a zinc lozenge. Feh.
Tags: biking, health

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