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Still sniffling from whatever it was that I had. Have. The sniffling part feels exactly like a head cold, but what really clobbered me were the flu-like muscle aches and exhaustion that came with it. Except there was no fever, so it wasn't flu. My stomach and lower GI were also slightly unsettled, and still are, but they never went past that. Very strange, like a flu virus's weaker brother. Except for the muscle aches. They were first rate.

The cold part still hasn't really made it down to my lungs, and with luck it'll stay that way. That'd be nice. I wonder if the fact it got warm and humid toward the end of the week helped there, as if the whole world decided to become my vaporizer.

I went into work Thursday, and was mostly useless. Friday I started to feel a little better, and took a walk in the evening. By last evening I felt pretty good, so I did fifteen miles on the bike, and eighteen today. That seems to have cleared out the last of the illness-related muscle aches, or at least I don't notice them anymore because of the biking-related muscle aches. As for the sniffly part, that's just like riding with my allergies in the spring.

Seeing as how I've been taking photos of the faraway paths I've been riding lately, I decided to take some of my usual ride yesterday. Here they are.
Tags: biking, health

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