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Still Pedaling...

Broke nine hundred miles tonight, and breaking a thousand is within reach, even though I have to scale back some due to lack of daylight. Tonight may have been my last weeknight on the bike path. It's just getting dark too early. It's hard for me to get to the path before six, and sunset tonight was 6:59. If the path was more open, I might squeeze in another week, but it gets dark quick in the woods. Speaking of which, some of the trees are starting to change already, and the path smells of mouldering leaves. It's way too early for that. We finally had a real rainy day Tuesday, but I guess the trees are still pretty parched.

What to do about the dark? I suppose I can ride on the roads around here. That would give me an extra 20 minutes or so. I've avoided riding on the roads, partially in reaction to my accident, and mostly because DOT removed the bike lanes from the shoulders of the road at the busiest intersection along my usual route. By coincidence, that's also exactly where my accident happened, before they removed the safety lanes. Bozhe moi!

I could go out the back way, and bike over past where I used to live. One of the reasons I was excited to get this house was that it was right on one of my bike routes from there. Now I can just reverse it. We'll see. I should probably get a headlamp for the bike, too.

The cold from heck is still hanging in there, and there's even been some mild hacking, although nothing serious so far.

I haven't been talking much about baseball. It's not for lack of stuff to talk about, but rather that I just keep putting off writing about it, and then it's too late. It's not for lack of interest. Despite the fact that they are unlikely to make the playoffs, the Dodgers have been exciting because of all the young talent they've brought up. Finally. And for whatever reason, MLB is still giving me the archived game video for free, so I get to watch all the weekend games in full. Can't beat it.

But I couldn't pass up a chance to post a link to this picture of the, er, crowd at yesterday's Nats-Marlins game in Florida. I mean, even the Expos drew more than that. For that matter, I think I've even played before bigger crowds at softball games. (Thanks to the Griddle for the original link.)
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