DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Death Turtle!

No, really! As I was riding last evening, this turtle darted out across the path right in front of me and...

Okay, it didn't so much dart as it sort of s l o w l y made it's way across the path. And it wasn't at all hard to avoid, so...

How about death acorns, then? They plummet from the trees right in front of you and...


It rained quite a bit yesterday morning, but it cleared out quite nicely by the time I threw the bike into the back of the truck, although it was a little chillier than it'd been. Then it got down into the forties last night, and it didn't go much above sixty here today.

So, I bundled up, i.e., put an extra shirt (long-sleeved) on and wore track pants, did sixteen miles last night, and then did twenty-five on the Coventry-Cranston path today. I started out on the Coventry end and went further into the woods than last time, going all the way to Pinehaven Road, a dirt road that, as it turns out, parallels the path for a bit. I did part of the return trip on the road, then crossed the ravine that separates it from the path and was back on my way. When I got back to the parking lot at Station Street, I kept going down the stoney rut for a little ways, but after a few hundred yards decided that my back wasn't in the mood for the jostling that part of the trail requires and turned around. Put the bike back in the truck and drove around the unfinished portion of the path to Arctic, where I got back on the bike again and headed for Cranston. This time I went all the way to the northern end of the path, which is much like the rest of the path through Cranston, except for this little side path circling a good-sized pond near Lowes. That was kind of neat.

Meanwhile I was seriously running out of gas, the bike was getting cranky, and people seemed to be going out of their way to annoy me. Like the guy I passed who then sped up and followed me right on my ass like he was trying to draft me. Or the couple on bikes having a, er, discussion in front of their kids as I waited for traffic to clear:

Man (a little loudly): "But I am riding with my family."
Woman (normal voice): "Perhaps the rest of the family is ready to turn around."
Me (not out loud): "Oh, as usual, dear..."

I got the hell across the street as fast as I could, and then nursed the bike back to the truck. The bike's crankiness is that it's slipping gears again, usually after I've pedaled hard. If I ease up for awhile, things get better, which means it's probably the same link I had problems with a couple of weeks ago. That means another trip to the bike shop.

In other news, I won this auction on eBay today. Yes, I bought another bike. It wasn't very expensive, though, only about twice what I once paid for the same bike some forty years ago. (I've been working on a very long entry on that very subject. Maybe one of these days I'll finish it.)
Tags: biking, death critters

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