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Have just had a hot soak along with a couple of beers for their muscle relaxing qualities. The lower back spasms seem to be getting worse. I had a couple while riding today that almost knocked me off the bike, far worse than any I'd had prior to that. Then, as I was taking the bike off the truck after I got home, one of the neighborhood kids (about 14 or so) went over his handlebars on the street right in front of my neighbors' house. He was shaken up, but fortunately appeared mostly undamaged, and he declined any help. Neither of us could figure out why the accident happened. The street is perfectly flat with no potholes or even cracks. Very odd. Invisible death bunnies?

I took the Absolute into the bikeshop today to have bikeshop!guy look at the balky link in the chain again. He just went ahead and replaced the whole chain. Apparently this is a known problem on Fuji cycles. The new chain worked great when I tried it out this evening.

I rode the local roads myself a couple of times this week. I need to work more of that in next year. The roads are a better workout than the path, even the slightly hilly South County path. Steeper hills, rougher pavement so it's tougher to just coast along, and much bumpier. My back didn't like that last much. The key thing is that if I get home quick enough, I can still get in a decent length ride. Today I rode the path. Total mileage for the season is 5.5 miles short of an even grand. Next time out.
Tags: biking, health

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