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More Snow

It snowed and snowed and snowed today. What, it couldn't have waited until, like, Sunday when I'm down where it's warm. Noo! Not only that, but since it all came down while I was at work, my driveway was completely buried, as opposed to having the usual truck-sized spot of pavement showing that doesn't need to be shoveled. Feh. I couldn't even pull in, because the plow had been by, leaving a two foot deep pile at the end of the driveway that I had to slog through (in sneakers, I might add) to get to the snow shovel I keep by the side door. At least it was the light, fluffy kind of snow, easy to move around just by pushing it with the shovel. The only heavy stuff was at the end of the driveway. Small favors. Wound up with 8-10", which any other year would be a lot.

Still have a cold, and my voice has been cracking. It was in the nineties in Orlando today.

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