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A Wizard Named Harry...

It's a shame The Dresden Files wasn't picked up for a second season, because I really enjoyed the series while it was on. SciFi started running repeats last night, which was good to see. It's another odd coincidence in that I finally got around to reading one of Jim Butcher's Dresden novels, Dead Beat. It's one of the later books, so it helped that I had a passing familiarity with the background, even though it becomes apparent early on that the books and the series diverge a little bit. I knew this going in, so it didn't surprise me, but it's still a little weird not to be able to map Terrance Mann onto Bob. Shrug.

I was a little disappointed in the book at first. There seemed to be a lot of running around to no effect. However, once you get past that, the last few chapters make for one heck of a ride, pulling together most of the threads in the earlier chapters into one very satisfying whole. I practically squealed with boyish delight when I realized what Harry was about to do. It's one of those good HSQ moments that slams you in the gut with it's perfection. It also helps that the particular focus of the coming together is something that I've been photographed standing in front of along with some of my LJ friends. That's just... Neat.

I still think that there was some extraneous stuff that could've been discarded, but the ending let me forgive a lot of sins. Pity it'll never be filmed.
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