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As usual, I am waiting til the last minute to pack. Actually, part of the problem is that the laundry area, where my exhibition shirts (blue oxford dress shirts with the company logo on them) have been hanging since last year's PittCon, is in the basement, which if you've been paying attention at all you know has been the source of much sawdust generation recently. Anyway, I'm washing them, as well as some other stuff that was hanging down there, to make sure our customers don't think they've accidently stumbled into a home show.

Meanwhile, as promised, here is a picture of the first two bookcases, side by side in my living room. They're actually upside down in the picture, because I still have to cut and fit the little pieces of beadboard that will close off the header boxes for each. I'll do that when all four are done. The footer box gets closed off by the bottom shelf, and I'll cut that with the rest of the shelves.

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