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Impulse Buy...

Managed to find Thanksgiving alright. It was where I was expecting it to be, and there was turkey and trimmings aplenty. Played Disney Monopoly with cutie patootie niece and sooper genius nephew. I lost. (We used different rules. First one to land on the property gets it and marks it with a house, no rents or payments are made, and the game ends when all the properties are gone. It's sort of like how the government hands out oil and mineral leases on public lands.)

I stayed at Al's, and we spent Friday visiting hobby shops. Then we stopped in at a Home Depot. The reason we were there was to look for a bulb drill, since Al claims it's the best thing ever for planting bulbs. They didn't have one, but we wandered over to the tool section, and I mentioned that I'd been looking at an air compressor combo kit that came with a pneumatic brad nailer, a finish nailer, and a stapler. It's been on sale a couple weeks ago for $249, but now the price was back up to $299, plus I didn't really need the stapler, so I'd passed on it. Just as I was finishing the story, we saw the very same compressor in a kit with just the two nailers on sale for $199 (regularly $279). Before you could say "pneumatic finish nailer" I was swiping my credit card through the scanner in the check out line.

Compressors are useful things, and I've been wanting a decent one for awhile. You can inflate bike tires with them, and power pneumatic tools. You can also hook them up to an air brush, an essential tool for a plastic modeler. Anyway, today I'll head up to the local Depot to get some nails for the guns, then head down in the basement to nail some scrapwood together. (eta: Didn't read the fine print. The kit includes 1000 nails. For each nailer! Woo hoo!)
Tags: family, friends, holidays, impulse control, tools

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