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Heat and Humidity, Yay!

Have arrived safely in Orlando, where it is hot and humid. Yippee!! I went for a walk after dinner, something I haven't been able to do for a while back home, and it was great. Pretty hot for this time of year, even for central Florida, but there was a little breeze, and it just felt so good to be walking around in shirt sleeves.

It was a pleasant flight down. It was an extremely clear day, so it was easy to pick out landmarks for a change. Usually you climb through a low layer of haze and you can't really pick out anything on the ground with any certainty. All the snow cover helped, too, because buildings stand out in stark relief. The climb out took us over Quonset, right past the plant, so that was simple to pick out. It sits right next to a warehouse big enough that you can probably see it from the international space station, so no challenge there. Off in the distance I could easily see the turf farm near my house, because now that it's covered with snow it's just this enormous white patch in the middle of the woods that's probably also visible from space. I could pick out the speck that is the house where I used to live in the middle of the turf field. From the turf farm I just followed the tiny line of Dry Bridge Road until I spotted my neighborhood. Couldn't actually pick out my house, but I could make out my street from about eight thousand feet. Coolness.

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful. We flew down the Jersey coast, and I was alternating between reading my book and picking out the various towns along the shore. Then an odd thing happened. The young woman (early twenties) in the middle seat of my row had been sleeping pretty much since take off. Somewhere over the Delaware Bay I realized that her head was leaning against my upper arm as she slept. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't at all uncomfortable, I hadn't even noticed at first. She looked so peaceful that I just let her be, and tried not to make any sudden movements with my left arm. Not really all that hard considering how they cram you into coach seats. We flew on this way for about an hour and a half, me just reading my book, she just sleeping there. It was oddly comforting in an I don't know this woman from Adam sort of way. Eventually she shifted a bit, and stopped leaning against me. She finally woke up as we were landing, and I doubt she has any inkling as to what happened.

Tomorrow there's a class I am signed up for that starts at 8:30. Who's frelling bright idea was that? Also, I need to find some mouse ears. I did some preliminary scouting when I was walking around tonight, but all I saw were ears only, but I was really looking for a mouseketeer hat. They have to be around here somewhere, right?

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