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Old Friends...

Went bowling last night with the volleyball crew. It was simultaneously fun, annoying, and frustrating. Fun because I don't see these folks much anymore. Annoying because they over-invited, so we had thirty people crammed onto three (later four) lanes. It took an hour and a half for the eight adults on our lane to get through one game (and we'd only rented the lane for 2 hours). Plus, I was the one who fronted the money for our lane, and only four of the others ever paid me back. And frustrating because I suck at bowling. B and S's 10 year-old daughter had better scores than I did. She bowls as if she's a curler. Perhaps I should've considered trying it that way. The problem is the same for me at every bowling alley I've ever been to. My hands are to big for the finger holes on any ball smaller than about fourteen pounds. They're just too heavy for me. It's like back when I played softball, I always used the lightest bat available because I couldn't swing heavier bats well. I'd rather bowl with an eight pound ball. One time I tried throwing one of the eight pounders like a bocce ball, but my hands aren't quite that big. Feh.

In other news, I ran into the woman who was captain of the soccer team back when I started coaching it. I hadn't seen her in, like, twenty years. She was with her son. who'd she'd been pregnant with last time I saw her. He's taller than I am now. It was fun telling him what a remarkable athlete his mom had been back then, because I'm not sure he believed it.
Tags: annoyances, friends

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