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A Learning Experience

Spent much of the day at a class on the ins and outs of solid phase extraction. Amazingly boring. Not the instructor's fault, as he did his best and was properly enthusiastic, it's just that the subject isn't very interesting. However, we did discover that the instructor and I had coincidently attended the same Dodgers-Braves spring training game four years ago (the last time PittCon was held here in Orlando). There ensued a brief discussion among him, me, and another student about how we were all three of us fans of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale growing up, although I was the only actual Dodger fan in the room. Yeah, we did stray a bit from the topic of the course.

The hotel were the course was held had a champagne jazz brunch, so JR, sales manager, and I did lunch at that. It was fabulous, with some great dishes offered at the buffet, including duck a la orange and quail. There was also a three piece combo walking from table to table, serenading folks. At one table they played the Spiderman theme, and I thought of Teppy. The bill for brunch was shocking.

After the class, we went over to the convention center, and set up the booth. The PTB didn't have the A/C turned on in the exhibition hall, and it was frelling hot, but otherwise the booth went up pretty much without incident that double-stick tape couldn't fix. While we doing it, some thunderstorms went through the area, and you could hear the rain pounding away on the roof of the exhibition hall.

Got back to the room, and I decided to take a walk to get something to eat. Planned on walking up to the Popeye's about a half mile up the road, but it started raining again, so I ducked into a Friendly's. Tried to order a burger medium-rare, but the waiter informed me that they could only prepare burgers medium-well or well-done, for "health reasons." Then he upsold me on a chocolate shake, and tried to talk me into having a sundae for dessert, as well. It seems the Friendly corporate offices have some funny ideas as to what constitutes a healthy meal. I passed on the briquet burger, and made a different selection.

Tomorrow the show opens, and guess who has to be there at 9 a.m. to open up. Actually, it's the only day I'm opening up, so that's not really all that bad.

Picked up a copy of the official PittCon program, and discovered that the schedule for the next few years that they had published at the last show was in error, or else had been much modified. Instead of being held for the next three years in Orlando, next year's show is going to be held in Chicago, and the one after that is back in New Orleans. On one hand, I'm glad we're headed back to NOLA sooner rather than later. OTOH, I passed up staying an extra week here this year because the original schedule had us back here next year. I was going to stay and catch some spring training games again. Instead we'll be in Chicago. In March!!!

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