DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

One Last Ride

The knee felt a bit better, so I put on a brace and finished putting up the shelf supports down in the basement. Then I looked outside and saw it was sunny (it poured last night and into the morning), so I decided to hit the bike path for the final ride of the year. It was almost 3 o'clock when I got there. With the late start, it wasn't going to be a very long ride anyway, but I was surprised at how little vim I had. The knee didn't bother me at all (except that the brace pinched), but I ran out of gas long before I finished one lap. Of course, I haven't been on the stationary bike in a couple of weeks, and I've been stuffing myself with junk, so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise.

Rides - 2007 Stats for the year:
total mileage: 1362 *
number of rides: 91 *
average miles/ride: 15.0 *
average time/ride: 1:13:20 *
average speed: 12.3 mph
bicycles bought: 2 *
bicycles sold: 1 *

* New League Record

Tags: biking

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