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I didn't do resolutions last year, but I looked back the the resolutions I posted at the start of 2006. They were the same ones I post every year, you know, "read more, lose some weight, do more projects around the house." Turns out I did okay, resolution-wise. I read fifty books. I lost about thirty pounds, and I did all those projects... Okay, I did a few projects, but there's so much more that I could've worked on instead of pretending to be a turnip.

Shelving! I'm not going to specify anything, but I i got a good leg up today by finishing off the basement shelving project, putting up a second set of adjustable shelf supports next to the ones I did yesterday. It's not what one would call a top of the line job. Even with the hammer drill borrowed from my brother, it's hard to achieve precision with regards to hole location. Concrete isn't uniformly hard, so the bit tends to drift towards points of lower resistence. The foundation walls aren't exactly flat, smooth, and plumb, either. For most of the supports I was lucky just to get them level. Getting them precisely plumb was a pipe dream.

Each support is held to the wall with three screws, requiring three holes in the concrete. Two points make a straight line. Gettin' that third hole on the same line, boy... On four of the five supports I had to elongate the center screw hole on the support to accomodate a hole that was slightly offline. Fortunately this is all down in the basement, so function trumps form.

I did one thing to strengthen the hold. The process is a lot like using those plastic screw inserts for sheet rock, except instead of plastic you use lead sleeves instead. Drill a hole wide enough and deep enough for the sleeve, and then you screw into that. The screw compresses the metal into the hole for a tight fit. The sleeves I bought came with matching screws, 1½" long. However since the supports are ½" deep, I bought some 2" screws of the same diameter so I could maintain the compression along the entire length of the sleeve. I have no idea if I really needed to do it, but the box of screws was less than $5, and I have a ton left over for future use, along with all those unused 1½" screws.

Next project is to put some stuff up on the new shelves, as part of a general organization and cleanup of the workshop.

(The cut line is the title of an old folk song. I first heard it on a Chad Mitchell Trio album my mother bought when I was twelve. I played that album over and over, and the song has been earworming me ever since.)

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