Sunday, January 6th, 2008
7:40 am - Wii Not?  
Spent way too much time at work yesterday, but the evening was good. Went to a Twelfth Eleventh Night party, ate way too much food, and then got my first look at the Wii. Boy, did I ever want one for about five minutes there. Mostly it was fun just watching the kids play it, but some of us adults got to play a quick game of golf on it later on, and it was just... neat. The controller is interesting.

Still, I don't want to spend money on new gadgets just now. Plus, in order to play it to full effect, you really need a largish TV screen, something else I don't have just yet. I also suspect the experience is lessened when it's played without a group of people surrounding you. Le sigh. Perhaps I should just reinstall Tiger Woods 99 on my PC.
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Hugh Likes Carrots: cowboy callumtheodosia on January 6th, 2008 - 03:05 pm
Heh. My exact reaction. I've decided, they're so hard to get, I'll buy the first one I see on sale... I don't expect to see one for a couple more months at this rate!

But I found it to be quite unlike playing any other video game, which has never attracted me in the least.
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