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Apples and Oranges

Tonight, all the standing and walking has finally caught up with me, and my legs and feet are killing me. Last night's cocktail party was nothing special. Nobody else from our company went, and I didn't know anyone else there, so I stayed for a couple of drinks and then headed out for dinner. After dinner I walked down to a shopping enclave and wandered around there for a bit. There's an FAO Schwartz toy store there, so I wandered through that for a bit, looking a grossly overpriced toys. They did have a huge rack of different Pez dispensers, but not the one I was looking for, so I left empty handed.

On the original schedule, I didn't have to be at the booth today until 3 p.m., so I figured on showing up around noon, finishing walking the show, then doing my shift. Sales manager had other plans, he needed JR to come with him for a meeting at 9, so I wound up swapping shifts with JR, which meant no sleeping in for me today. Woulda been nice.

It was much busier at the booth than yesterday, which is fine because otherwise you're just standing around being bored. I got relieved a little after noon, and since I wasn't all that hungry, I picked up where I had left off walking the show. You don't really need to get lunch, I suppose. One of the traditions of the show is that PittCon has always provided apples as snacks for the show, and I've often gotten by just on those while at the show. Certainly beats paying the exorbitant prices the concessions are charging here. The apples provided in the past have always been red delicious, which is my favorite variety. (Yes, I am aware that this puts me in the minority among the Buffista apple enjoyers.) This year the official show apple is green, with slight hints of red, perhaps a granny smith, or one of those other new-fangled yuppie varieties that are so in vogue these days. Whatever they are, they're too sour. Still, I had two, and stuffed another in my bag for later. Yes, I am an apple slut.

Anyway, I managed to finish walking the entire by around three. (As an exercise, I calculated exactly how far one would travel if one were to walk from one end of the show to the other, aisle by aisle past every booth. Turns out to be just under four miles.) Didn't see much to interest me. I did look for decent freebies, but all I wound up with was a couple of cheap pens and a little package of band-aids. Some folks were carrying around a squeezy stress ball that looked like an orange, but I couldn't find who was giving them out.

Went back to the booth for my official shift, even though I really didn't have to, but what the heck, we were all going to a reception near the convention center right after the show. The party was great, lots of free drinks and free Chinese food, swapped stories with some of our competitors, then we walked back to the hotel. And now my feet hurt, and I'm going to bed. Night.

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