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February is so my least favorite month. It was brilliantly sunny this morning, giving me hope that I might be able to ride. Then the sun went behind the clouds, the wind kicked up, and the rain started falling. Now it's snowing. Feh. I did get out a couple times last weekend, so that's something.

I've been making all sorts of progress cleaning and organizing the workshop half of the basement. I'd really let things go down there, but it's looking a lot better now. Just one more corner to do. It's amazing how much sawdust can accumulate inside of a table saw. Not much in the way of projects going on, other than a couple of small repairs.

The organizing has led me to do quite a bit of rooting though old boxes, some very old. Going through my oldest toolbox was sort of like an archaeological dig, so I took some pictures. Here they are - Toolbox Archaeology.
Tags: biking, house, tools, weather

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