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It was ridiculously cold yesterday, despites scads of sunshine, and this morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground when I woke up. The snow continues to fall, but the town has yet to loose the snowplows, leading to a nasty commute this morning. I saw one car in a ditch at the corner by Oatley's, although I can't imagine the circumstances that must've occurred for the car to end up where it was. The ProJo is saying it's going to snow into tomorrow, and we're likely to end up with 8". Feh. Want spring now.

Now I'm wondering how this affects my morning tomorrow, since I have an appointment to have my septic system pumped out. It was going to be hard enough to find the tank cover without an 8" layer of snow on the ground. Such a glamorous life I lead.
Tags: house, weather

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