DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Tuesday Night, While Listening to the Ballgame

Did my civic duty tonight. I think it's the first time I've ever voted in a presidential primary with the outcome still in doubt. Candidates actually came to Rhode Island to stump for votes. Weird.

Last night I took another shot at dropping the Univega off at the bike shop, and this time I was successful. The inside of the garage looks good, all bike shoppy and stuff. It's probably a little bigger than the old shop.

Clayton Kershaw, a young (19) pitching prospect in the Dodger organization with phenomenal ability, made his first appearance ever against major league hitters tonight in a game with the Nats. The first batter he faced, someone named Luis Jimenez, hit a home run off him. Unrattled, he struck out the next batter. Then he loaded the bases on a couple of cheap hits and a hit-by-pitch so iffy that the batter stood oblivious in the batters box while the ump tried to get his attention to send him to first base. Then Kershaw struck out the next two batters to get out of it. Heck of an inning.

Tags: baseball, biking, politics

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