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Lousy weather but decent weekend. It rained like crazy yesterday. I drove out to the bike shop to pick up the Univega, and it wasn't ready of course. I suspect it's not so much that bike shop guy forgot, but rather that he wanted to have someone to talk to for awhile besides the cat. So I hung around, skritched the cat's ears, and talked tiki music while BSG worked on the bike. Besides the tuneup, the bike needed some repairs to one of the shifters, and the wheels needed some straightening.

Last night was game night at A's with the vball crew. Good fun. We played Taboo. A lives just up the street from where the ex and I used to live. (A, in fact, was our paper girl when we lived there. That was a really strange thing to figure out when we became friends years and years later.) So I drove by the house to see how it's holding up. It's just so strange to see how the trees I planted thirty years ago have grown. There was a for sale sign on the house next door to it, so I looked it up. $329,900?!? It was $35,900 when Deb and I looked at it in '77. We liked the house next door because it was somewhat bigger (gambrel roof vs cape), and had a far better floor plan (and it was only $4K more). You can see one of the problems in that the chimney (and fireplace) is where the staircases ought to be. The staircases run lengthwise between the living room and the first floor bedroom, making the latter really narrow. The staircases in our house were crosswise opposite the front door, like in my current house. The other problem with it is that the woman who wound up as our neighbor didn't take care of the house at all for however long she owned it, and that would worry me. A lot of the things wrong with my current house are the result of severe neglect. She was an eccentric and tiny librarian. Nice lady, but I just don't think she realized what taking care of a house involved. She never cut the grass. She'd bought a manual mower, but she wasn't strong enough to push it. A couple of times a summer the guy on the other side of her and I would mow the lawn for her. Occasionally she come by to borrow a tool, and I go over and help her fix something. I think she finally gave it up around the same time Deb moved back to NJ.

(One other weird thing about the old neighborhood is that all the house numbers were changed when RI finally put in its 911 system. My house used to be #33. Now it's #38. Even and odd switched sides of the street. I have no idea why, but there must be some sort of system. Very strange.)

Today was sunny, but cold and really windy. I would've loved to go for a ride, but it wouldn't have been much fun. I did take a walk around the yard. Some daffodil leaves have appeared in the south side bulb bed, and there are a couple of small sprouts starting to poke up here and there in the beds I planted last fall. They don't get the sun reflecting down on them from the house, so they'e a bit behind. I also did some work down in the basement on my current project. I should be able to finish that next weekend.
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