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The sun finally peeped out for a little while today, enough to get the temperature up into the forties, which was enough to get me down to the bike path. It was only a short ride. The sun ducked back behind the clouds about the time I got down there, so it was a little chiller and a lot windier than I expected. I haven't been doing much of any kind of exercise, so all that riding into the teeth of the wind tuckered me out pretty quick.

I rode the Univega to see if the repairs took. Nope. There's something weird going on the the shifter for the rear derailleur. It's taking two clicks to go down a gear instead of one. Time for another trip out to Exeter.

The crocuses on the south side of the house are ready to pop open, and there are daffodil and tulip leaves about. OTOH, the beds at the top of the driveway and out by the cherry tree are showing a just handful of sprouts so far.

I finished the latest project today, so I need to write that up. I also have posts on spring training stats and my most recent read halfway written. Plus I've got posts for Sang Sacre that have to be finished. However, I lack all motivation to do anything further tonight.
Tags: biking, garden, writing

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