DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

The Last of the Big Three

A week ago Friday I was sort of at loose ends reading-wise. I'd just finished one novel, but since I had a couple of books on hold at the library, I didn't want to start a novel. So I grabbed The Infinite Arena, a collection of SF sports stories off the shelf. One of the stories is one the first true SF stories I can ever remember reading.

The story is "Sunjammer," about a race from the earth to the moon by spacecraft powered solely by solar sails. I'd first read it in Boys Life back when I was eleven or so, and it made one heck of an impression. When I saw it listed among the stories in The Infinite Arena a couple of decades later, I snapped the book up. It was only then that I discovered that the author was Arthur C. Clarke. It's still probably my all time favorite story of his, so it's probably fitting that I reread it just last week. R.I.P.
Tags: books, remembrance

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