DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,


Am in NJ where it is sunny this Easter morning. Plans include dinner at sis #2's house this afternoon.

It's still annoyingly cold despite spring having sprung, below freezing this morning. I did manage to ride my bike yesterday morning. I'd assumed all the sunshine meant that the temperature would be reasonable (i.e., in the forties at least), but it was just barely so, and the wind made it feel worse. It did eventually turn into a more pleasant day. An afternoon ride would likely have been fine, but I was driving at the time. At least there wasn't much traffic.

My NCAA Tournament competition with TomZ is in full swing. I was up 13 after the first round on the strength of two 12-5 upsets. I think I may have lost ground yesterday, but I did predict Duke going down to West Virginia. Let's hear it for the Big East!
Tags: biking, family, weather
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